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Early Intervention Learning and Behavioral Analysis and Treatment Planning

Educational & Behavioral Consulting Services LLC in Pennsylvania provides professional services. Our approach is based on data-driven information to measure progress monitoring, we deliver an enriched educational learning experience that enables the social and cultural integration of all children in the area of academic and functional behavior needs.

Additionally, we equip professionals with ways for implementing educational strategies aligned with research-based best practices, including out-of-the-box thinking strategies. 

EBCS specializes in working with children with autism and developmental delays aged3-5 years old, our focus is educational, social, life-skills, and behavioral which is based on FBA model assessing functional performance. FBA encompasses learning how to identify interfering behavior, social skills, pragmatic language, expressive and receptive language, and fine and gross motor skills.

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Company Background

Our owner, Dr. Lorenzo Woodson, started Educational & Behavioral Consulting Services LLC in 2012 when he became a licensed behavioral Specialist by the State of Pennsylvania’s Bureau for Autism. He decided to open the Pediatric Center for Autism.

Dr. Woodson holds a Ph.D. and is a licensed behavioral Specialist and is certified in Functional Behavior Analysis (FBA) and has more than 15 years of experience in the field of Human Services profession as a Human Services -Board Certified Practitioner (HS-BCP). Dr. Woodson has published research: Woodson, A. L. (2017). Teacher and Student Variables Affecting Special Education Evaluation and Referral. ProQuest. Walden University, Minneapolis Minnesota. Journal of At-Risk Issues – part of the National Dropout Prevention Center.

Company Beginings

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide children and families with innovative, therapeutic, evidenced based and pragmatic approaches to child development and social development that is inclusive and comprehensive. Also provide efficient and effective professionals who can instill a sense of positive discipline and clear structure within the classroom using functional routines, positive, pro-social behavioral reinforcement, and visual schedules and parental input.

What Makes Us Unique

We serve with the African-American Community and broader multi-cultural Philadelphia community. We are the only other agency of this type that services in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. We have smaller settings; we are hands-on in providing our services to children and parents. Parents are offered opportunities to learn innovative ways to learn and grow around the latest behavioral approaches to improve parent-child relationships.

Our teachers and therapist hold bachelor's degrees and master's degrees. Our para-professionals hold Associate degrees. They are also trained and certified in special education.

Our approaches successfully address specific types of childhood developmental disabilities including Autism.  

We provide evidenced-based behavior strategies that are shown to be effective 90% of the time with children with developmental issues when behavior strategies are employed consistently


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Membership and Certifications

  • Center for Credentialing and Education - Human Services-Board Certified Practitioner
  • Registered Behavioral Technician
  • Certified Functional Behavior Analyst (FBA)
  •   Licensed Behavior Specialist
  • ABA Certified

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