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Providing Specialized Interventions and Strategies for Students With Emotional and Psychological Needs

At Educational & Behavioral Consulting Services LLC, we strive to strengthen children by providing for their educational and social emotional needs by incorporating age-appropriate social developmental skills. This is to ensure the positive development of self-dignity as well as a sense of belonging, independence, and purpose to the school and the community as a whole while improving parent participation/engagement in the process.

The focus of this assessment will be on identifying and analyzing functional relationships between specified target behaviors and probable antecedent and consequent variables in the environment. Additionally, areas of strength and weakness will be identified to focus treatment goals more specifically, based on current skill base. Suggestions will be provided for techniques to both reduce the intensity and rate of problem behaviors and to teach new skills to help you and your child meet their needs in more appropriate ways.

A Functional Assessment is an attempt to identify the environmental settings, setting events, antecedent triggers, and consequences that relate to and maintain the challenging behaviors.

In conducting these assessments, data is gathered from a variety of sources including indirect data from parent and teacher report, as well as data gathered from direct observations and direct interaction of the child, where appropriate. After hypotheses are generated as to why the behaviors occur, a plan is developed to replace challenging behaviors with less challenging/generally socially acceptable behaviors (i.e. a behavior intervention plan), in an effort to improve the quality of life of the child, and provide the child and parent with new skills to meet their needs.

When a behavior assessment is requested, it is typically because a child is exhibiting challenging behaviors that interfere with life-skills acquisition, of such intensity or concern that specific interventions are required. The long-term effectiveness of such behavioral interventions depends on the ability to build a repertoire of appropriate alternative socially acceptable behaviors that serve the same function as the maladaptive behaviors or to teach new life-skills that effectively compete with and replace the undesirable behaviors. When behavior programs are designed without an understanding of why individuals exhibit disruptive behaviors, due to behavioral excesses or life-skill deficits, the underlying factors that maintain those behaviors deficits will not be adequately addressed.

A behavior assessment alone is not intended to diagnose, classify, supply a prognosis, or specify a specific service. When utilized in conjunction with other clinical data, it will establish whether intensive behavioral health interventions are medically necessary and assist in determining the type and level of service required, as well as guide programs focus.

Pediatric Center for Autism

We provide families with special needs children with individual education plans, occupational and speech therapy, and individual behavioral support plan. Contact us in Philadelphia Pennsylvania for an appointment. Our administrator will answer whatever questions you have.

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